A few of my obedient, faithful pets;
They are here to be used & abused for my wicked amusement.

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The trick...is not minding that it hurts.




A man named Thomas
Had a troublesome dream:

Nanny stripped bare his manhood,
you know what I mean.


She forced him to wear

What embarrassed him most,

As regaled in this tale,
scrib’d below in this post...


Little miss Tania

All sugar n’ spice,

Tho mostly naughty,

she tries to be nice.


With ruffles n’ ribbons

N’ bows galore,

How pretty she looks,

In her new pinafore.

A spanking she’ll get

When she disobeys Nanny,

Right on the cheeks,

Of her plump little fanny.

She loves to play dress-up

In black stockings and lace,

Then show off her panties,

With a smile on her face.

She sucks with great fervour

A flesh molded cock,

To see her do this

Well, tis quite a shock!


A true proper slut

Is this naughty sissy,

Her name is Tania

Nanny’s sweet little missy.

Poor Thomas awoke

With a hard-on THIS BIG,

Beside him in bed

was the curly blonde wig.


His wrists were tied

To the metal bed post,

In the doorway stood Nanny

Like an ominous ghost.


T'was only a dream

So how can this be?!”

Argued thoughts in Thom’s head

which could not agree.


Good morning Thomas,

Nanny spoke with a grin,

“It's time for your punishment

Now to begin.”