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It is said that the eyes are the mirror to the soul....are you wondering what devious thoughts are revealed behind mine? Can you detect the slightest imperceptible wicked glint as I ponder your next humiliation? Why, I may even smile at your disobedient behavior.

Wicked StepMother

ADMIT YOUR SECRET DESIRES: You need strict discipline from your evil step-mother who caught you playing with your were fantasizing about her, weren't you?!; Or perhaps the punishing nanny who dresses you like an infant in plastic diapers and a frilly romper; I am the corporate boss--you're fired you pervert!; Or the Head-Mistress who will rap your knuckles with a ruler and cane your bare bottom till it turns livid; The stern Governess who controls you, and loves to spank naughty boys; or the spinster Librarian who has repressed perverse desires---imagine my strap-on filling you up. 

My cock is bigger and deadlier than yours. Feel the intimate seduction of my strap-on. You know you crave're my slut-bitch! Think I'm a tease? Ha,..don't even think about it. You are hereby denied. Look --but don't touch.....unless I give you permission that is-- to kiss my toes and then press your lips all the way to the tops of my black lace stockings; finally opening your mouth on the rim of my throbbing erection.

A Mistress for all seasons and the embodiment of true dominance. Mature Lady of The Manor. Worship me in all my myriad incarnations. On your knees and crawl to me! There is great deviant mystery behind the veil of female supremacy. Obedient slaves who please me shall be rewarded with sublime punishment and the most degrading humiliations imaginable.