I prefer you inquire; there is a great big fetish world
out there with a myriad of desirably wicked choices.

Tease & much Denial
(read disclaimer at end of list)

Serious Roleplay

OTK, Corporal, cane, crop



LT Bondage/restraints


Mommy/ stern Headmistress


Age Play/ABDL




Naked submission


Slut training, Forced Fem...etc!


Foot worship




Domestic Servitude

Verbal Humiliation


Psychological Humiliation

Perversion Therapy


More punishment...

Do I really need to spell it out for you?!



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Do TEASE & DENIAL mean that I get a hand job?

NO! Absolutely not! Tease & Denial does NOT mean that I "tease" you with a hand job and then "deny" you from cumming. No Edging.

TEASE & DENIAL means that I tease you with my seductiveness, but deny you any chance at seeing me naked!!! NO NUDE BODY WORSHIP. NO SEX. NO HAND JOB.


Fairy Princess Chastity Cumslut

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What is the sound of one hand spanking?

If you  expect me to enthrall you with a long written soliloquy expounding the provocative details of my BDSM acumen, you will first have to demonstrate your worthiness.

I require an adequate level of intelligence from you---that is if you wish to serve me--

Therefore, you can assume that I am highly conversant in the practical applications,and sexual-psychological dynamics between Dominatrix & submissive.

Beside's which, I am a huge proponent of the timeless adage: Actions speak louder than words....and one picture is damn sure worth a thousand of them.

I am not here to audition my numerous Dom skills for you; rather you are here to prove yourself worthy of my attention!


Do not waste my time-- nor yours-- if you aren't completely willing to submit to your longings. I will test your emotional limits. I will dismiss you if you lack sincerity. My superior role lies significantly beyond the ken of a power exchange between Dominatrix & sub....


This is about having the emotional courage to become who you really are, by way of giving up control and giving in to what you really need.  And rest assured, I will use you ---as the inferior object that you are--  for my wickedly perverse pleasure.... as I see fit.


MISTRESS VERUSHKA MANDRAKE ---The Mature Disciplinarian