Email Etiquette  & FAQ's

I prefer to keep things simple.  This isn't rocket science. I will give you some credit and assume you possess a modicum of intelligence, and therefore understand how to follow simple directions. ( I know, sometimes I ask too much from you beta man-boys, but I am ever the eternal optimist.)


When you are inquiring by email about the possibility of serving a Mistress, it would be in your best interest --assuming you would like a timely response--- that you write a few sentences briefly describing your level of experience, and what your BDSM  interests are. A formal, polite tone will earn you a Brownie point from me. Write your sentences like a mature, responsible, articulate  adult, and NOT like a pimply-faced texting adolescent jerk.

The examples below (DO/DON'T) should give you clear idea on how best to correspond with a Dominatrix.


BY ALL MEANS DO!                                            


Hello Mistress Verushka,

I am in my (state your age) (must be over 22yrs)
and have been in the BDSM
scene on and off for a number of years.
Or, I am new to the scene.)


I have (or have not) served a professional Mistress.
When, for how long?)


My interests/experiences include: (as example only) Bondage,
Corporal, OTK spanking, Verbal humiliation, strap-on
cross dressing, forced femme. AgePlay, Role play.

(Feel free to list other BDSM 
interests, RolePlay ideas.                                             

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Thank you,


(your Name)


Hi there, Hey,

Can I see U sometime? Are you free this week? What's UR info? How r

ya doin' When are U avail? I want dominashun. What's you price? What do you do? What's it all about? I seen UR website it's interesting. will like now you. How much? hope to here froom u. I'm new but curious. Call me!!

I will not answer any email where the spelling, sentence structure, and grammar are so poorly constructed that it reads like an adolescent jerk (or someone very drunk) wrote it. 

Mistress, tell me about yourself.

No. Divulging what I think (expressing my inner-most thoughts),
I reserve for those humble few who have earned the privilege of such disclosure. Do not ask me how I spend my leisure is none of your concern.

How long have you been in the BDSM/Pro-Domme scene?

it is not the linear measurement of time that matters; but the quality and circumstances of each life event/encounter. I’m very experienced. That’s all you need to know.



Mistress, what do you like to do?

If you have paid close attention to the  contents of my website this should be quite clear.

Where can I find your reviews on popular BDSM Groups?

You cant. I fly solo by nature. Like a successful covert spy, I prefer to remain underground. I don’t join groups. I’m not co-dependent. I don’t need validation.

When did you first know that you were a Dominatrix/ Power-Femme?

It’s intrinsic to my nature; in my DNA. “Baby, I was born this way...”

Is Verushka your REAL name?

Is Slave, Worm, Sissy-girl, Slut, Mother’s best-boy, etc...yours?

Do you like being a Pro-Domme-- or do you only do it for the money?

It is because I love what I do that my requested tribute/gift is a trifling sum.


What are the most over-used phrases by a submissive?

"Mistress, I want to P-L-E-A-S-E you; I want you to enjoy it. "
Fine. Then prove yourself a worthy slave.

"Yes, but how do I know that you really are enjoying it?"
 I do not have to convince you. You are not Simon Cowell; rather it is you who must convince me that I am not wasting my time. 


Will I get the Girlfriend-Domme Experience (GFDE)  from you? I need to know that's it's "real."

Stupid Question. Next. 

You may ask me any question you like.....but you might not like the answer!

Do you have any pet-peeves.

Yes. Many. Especially FAQs

What is your Motto?

Submission is a virtue. The trick is not minding that it hurts. You are here to be used and abused for my amusement.

Do you hate men?

No. I do not harbor such strong emotions for things/people that are meaningless or insignificant.

How old are  you, Mistress?

Old enough to be your Step-Mother. You 're grounded; now go to your room and stay there till you apologize for asking such a rude question!

Do TEASE & DENIAL mean that I get a hand job?

NO! Absolutely not! Tease & Denial does NOT mean that I "tease" you with a hand job and then "deny" you from cumming. 

TEASE & DENIAL means that I tease you with my seductiveness, but deny you any chance at seeing me naked!!! NO NUDE BODY WOSHIP. NO SEX. NO HAND JOB.

Can you assure me of your Dominant Female Superiority?

I think not. Better things to do with my time. No more questions. You are dismissed.

If you want me to take you seriously, then ask me how best you can serve me.
All other questions are ultimately meaningless!